Monday, 26 November 2018

6 Near-Term Bullish Catalysts for Stocks

Ten days ago, I couldn't think of one near-term bullish catalyst for stocks.

Today, I can think of six:

1. Backdrop of general hollow ambience. [no good news, no bad news, not much new news at all.]

2. Santa Claus rally.

3. An easier, more Dovish, Fed.

4. Frequency of anti-prez headlines makes unexpected return after the holiday weekend.

5. Frequency of Eamon Jabbers appearances on CNBC.

6. Stocks closed up for the month 17 of last 20 Decembers.

Potential confirming catalyst: Several intra-day Nike Checks as evidence of near-term bull rush — sponsored by peppered short squeezes.

Could be enough force to push stocks within range of ATHs before year end. IMO, that will mark the end of the ten-year bull run.